Korogi Music

Experience Quality.

Korogi craftsmen have been building handmade keyboard instruments to the highest standards for decades—instruments recognized as some of the finest ever made. Bars are put through a rigid selection process to assure that every key is matched not only in wood color, grain, and density but also tone quality, sustain, and projection across the entire range of the instrument.

Experience Tradition.

Since the company began producing desktop xylophones in 1949, Korogi has become a leader in keyboard design and manufacturing. By applying the newest techniques to existing production, Korogi instruments have evolved without sacrificing the traditions of beauty, quality, and value. Korogi remains commited to bringing you the best musical experience.

Korogi Artisans
Korogi artisans create works of art for your eyes and ears.

Experience Korogi.

Attention to detail in sound quality and visual impact of your instrument assures that your audience will experience a true sensory performance by both player and instrument. A balance of form and function, with an emphasis on elegance and classic designs, are our hallmarks. From dramatic hardwoods to durable steel, there’s a Korogi instrument that is tailored just for you.