Korogi Selection Xylophones

Korogi Selection

Korogi SEU550RF Xylophone

Korogi’s Selection Series xylophones feature the newest and most unique frame design available today. The Gas-Lift height adjustment allows the instrument to be effortlessly raised to the desired height with a simple lift of the adjustment handle. Lift the same lever and apply weight to lower the instrument. Combine this simple height adjustment with the stringent grading and selection methods used to choose the finest Rosewood bars, and the result is a superior instrument in tone quality and sustain, ease of use, and craftsmanship.

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SE555CII Concert Xylophone
SEU550RF Xylophone

Effortless gas-lift adjustments
Effortless gas-lift adjustments with colored height-matching indicators create the easiest height adjustment available.
Slowly aged AA+ and AAA grade Honduras Rosewood
Only slowly aged Honduras Rosewood bars are chosen for their superior tone and resonance.
Insulated bar support posts help produce the maximum sustain
Insulated bar support posts help produce the maximum sustain while eliminating wood-to-metal contact during play.